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Crack The Prime

We are a team of experts who create this idea for Indian students who are willing to crack primary FRCA. We are more flexible and reliable. Our purpose is to ensure all medical students to enhance their personal performance in critical competitive exams and tests. We have accurate knowledge in providing revision resources and materials that help students achieve exam success and succeed in their careers.
Our expertise and our close connection with recent exam candidates given us a deep understanding of how medical students revise most effectively.

Why choose to crack the prime

1500+ FRCA primary MCQ questions
Test questions are prepared by a group of expertise
Up to date in FRCA curriculum
We have an awesome revision feature for our students
Our FRCA MCQ tests are designed to maximize your time and focus on your highness
Our mock exams conduct like real exam so you can easily face real FRCA exams without any fear
We will find your weak area and gives you the maximum questions on that particular area
Detailed analytical tool to identify your week areas

Our Team

Administration head
Academic mentor
Academic mentor
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Academic head